COLLABRA CADABRA _ dukun santet




This collection is the conclusion of a collaboration with artist Sarah Huber from Stuttgart.

The concept of our work is based on Animism in Indonesia. The animist belief conveys the meaning that souls not only exist in humans,

but also in animals, plants, rocks and the whole natural environment.

This conception implies that everything on earth is alive and it leads to a world of magical conversions.

What do we experience as alive?

Where is the border?


Based on this thoughts we developed a collection with blurred boundaries.

- dukun santet - the title of our project, refers to indonesian shamans, who inspired us to bewitch our world.

Both indonesian elements and elements of western / german fairy tales and myths are integrated in this collection.

Everything is mutating and sprawling. 

The wearer disappears amongst his clothing.

Who is wearing who? 

It‘s a twisted world, everything is displaced and imbalanced.


For this collection we won the award "La Biosthétique Award 2012 - Prix d‘Innovation"

for an outstanding and innovative fashion collection with a future-oriented design development.







Photography: Felix Krzemien

Models: Rosa Hirn

Masks & Prints: Sarah Huber

Fashion: Damaris Moos