TRASH OF SOCIETY is a cynical and ironical comment on our consumer society, the troughaway lifestyle,

meritocracy and the resulting deteriorating value loss of people and objects.


Our world is formed by the extremes such as abundance and famine, waste and shortage and it´s an ethical issue how we deal with our consume goods.

With all the european thrown away food all the hungry and starving people of the world could be feeded.

But the scarcity of resources of rare raw materials calls for a rethinking: dump sites become gold mines because waste is the raw material of the future.

People in our society are treated like consumer goods. They get bought for work, used and disposed of.

If someone is not working properly, he gets disposed and marked as worthless.

„Recycling“ these people is very hard. Anyone who has lived on the edge of society often doesn´t find a way back to normal life.

The demand of work performance increases continously. As a result a weird envy towards the homeless occurs.

This longing for simplification and un-perfection is also reflected by the actual revival of the grunge fashion as anti-aesthetic and the expression of run-down.

The „nobody cares anyway“ attitude of a confused and disoriented generation without prospects is the result of beeing overextended

by the high standarts which are demanded by the society.


Fashion trends tend to get trash faster and faster and become irrelevant, as one trend catches up with another.

Rules and guidelines how you should dress yourself, are becoming more loosely and blurry

and there is a mixture of lots of different styles, which were seen as contradictions earlier.

In this collection contradictory styles get mixed together playfully, which forms a new crossover-style, the ‚Trash-Grunge-Chic’.

Well known principles and typologies of clothing are getting distorted, denaturalised and are getting mixed together.

The collection concept is based on modern recycling and upcycling principles. 

This is why the starting point of my collection is post-consumer waste (thrown-away material and old clothes).



to destroy is to create

This is the motto upon which I have deconstructed used clothes, changed their form and function and put them together in a new way.

This approach is my answer to the fast moving rhythm of the fashion industry and it shall develop a new value-added chain for clothing.

Contradictory materials clash and create a special rhythm for the surfaces of the fabrics.

Old fabrics appear in a new brilliance and new fabrics are getting destroyed on purpose.

Dirty colours meet glamorous fabrics, beauty meets ugliness.

The material is arranged in layers and then dissolves again.



The graduate collection "TRASH OF SOCIETY" was mentored by Prof. Sibylle Klose

and was shown on the Berlin Fashion Week in summer 2013.



TRASH OF SOCIETY - to destroy is to create






Photography: Fidelis Fuchs

Hair & Makeup: Roxana Gurlitt

Models: Auris di Wilde, Lena Gedon,

Jonathan Lindenmann, Samuel Moos, Johannes Rave

Fashion: Damaris Moos

Video: Damaris Moos