TWOTO _ two to dash the line




TWOTO is a fashion label founded 2012 by Damaris Moos and Charlotte Werner in Pforzheim, Germany. 


We get down to the basics: basic cuttings and basic prints which look as if the lines were just dashed on the clothes.

Our aim is to create a modern, basic look with perfect finishing and whizzy details.

The first TWOTO project is a small-scale t-shirt series consisting of nine different designs and a limited number of 12 pieces per design.


All our products are designed in Germany and manufactured in small and independent companies in Jakarta, Indonesia.

With our project we support indonesian sewing, screenprinting and embroider companies.


Visit us on facebook: TWOTO - two to dash the line







Photography: Marie-Therese Pfisterer

Models: Rosa Hirn, Raphaela Riegraf, Charlotte Werner, Marc Schröder

Fashion: Damaris Moos, Charlotte Werner